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в чакрите
Ачютананда е посветил повече от 25 години на преподавателска дейност, изнасяне на лекции и провеждане на курсове и семинари по целия свят на разнообразна публика и различни теми.

Практиката ще се води на английски език.
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Tantra states that our bodies contain six energy or pranic centres known as chakras.
These chakras control specific areas of the body, sense organs and emotions.
Chakras are ultimately responsible for the expression of our personality and our ability to express ourselves fully in the world.
No yoga practice is considered complete without recognising and working on the chakras.
This course will act as an introduction to the chakras, exploring the physical and psycho-emotional aspects of each one.
Each day will include specific yogic practices associated with each chakra, lectures about each chakra and an opportunity for discussion.