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with Atmaram
Thought power for health, success in life and self- development

- 90 minutes Asana and pranayama class:
Meditative practice to steady and relax body and mind.

Balancing exercises to increase concentration and will power.

- Benefits of holding asanas (postures) for a longer time
- Understanding the body-mind connection
- Releasing tensions and stress
- Using a mantra with asana and pranayama practice

Lecture : 90 minutes : theory and practice 

1. What are thoughts and how to deal with them
2. Mind – body connection : psychosomatic effects
3. 3 main states of mind: tamasic (depression), rajasic (scattered) and sattvic (concentrated) 
4. The inner dialogue: best friend or worse enemy
5. Fine-tuning the 4 basic functions of the mind (antakarana) for success and happiness 
Chitta: developing memory power
Manas: Mastering the emotions
Buddhi; developing the capacity of discrimination
Ahamkara: make peace with the ego
6. Samskaras: how habits are formed and how to transform them into positive forces
7. Thoughts and karma
8. Thought creates destiny: self-transformative power of the mind 

1. Basic steps of meditation 
2. Positive meditation for health
3. Visualization: how to achieve your goals 
4. Meditation on positive qualities to replace a negative ones

price: 30 lv.
If you would like to sign up for the event, please call +359877744108 or send an email to until 01.04.2016