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Santosha Yoga offers a special selection of products dedicated to knowledge, practice and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Inspiring and encouraging the yoga practice as well as the leisure time. Suitable for your practice and for a gift: yoga mats with different thicknesses, bags for mats, yoga blocks, yoga straps, cushions for meditation, pots for washing the nose (Loti) and others.

yoga books
and discs
Yoga books and CDs with music and meditative practices. Selection of books on yoga and Ayurveda in Bulgarian and English for all applicants.

Products based on the ancient science of health. Ayurveda is considered the most ancient healing system in the world. Himalaya products are affordable product with a brilliant healing effect.

Designer clothing line for Yoga and the dynamic modern man. Yoga is a way of life. The clothes are created by people who know that asana is not fish for people who don’t imagine a water lily when they hear the word "lotus". Suitable for yoga, but wonderful also to relax, dance or travel with them. Arya clothes help to fully and comfortably enjoy every minute of your life in an easier and more beautiful manner. Arya yoga line offers a complete solution for full outfit from head to toe, but gives full freedom to combine elements to create a unique style and feel.

by me
Yoga jewelry. A full range of Yoga inspired bracelets, necklaces, jewelry with precious stones and beads.

Game for training the memory that enriches the mind and body. Using the game approach, children develop their memory while they learn various yoga poses. Karomi is created with the belief that harmony is the key to the happiness of children. It helps them to develop their intellect, spirit and body, through play, creativity and yoga practices.

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